Members of the Quality, Safety, and Innovation Lab, Fall 2017

About The Lab

The Quality, Safety, and Innovation (QSI) Lab mission is to provide students with experience applying systems engineering tools and training in a health care setting.  We partner with UW Hospitals and Clinics to work on various quality and process improvement projects, supporting them in their goal to be an innovative and agile leader in health care delivery.  We are affiliated with the Center of Health Systems Research and Analysis (CHSRA), UW Health, and the University of Wisconsin-Madison.
Our lab is comprised of undergraduate and graduate students from the UW-Madison College of Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering Program. The team consists of research assistants, interns, and independent study students who have a vested interest in healthcare. Project assistants guide the team of interns and independent study students as well as lead their own projects. The lab itself is strongly supported by mentors from UW Industrial and Systems Engineering faculty, UW Hospitals and Clinics administrators, and UW Health Systems Engineers.